An appointment should always have been made before bringing or picking up Your cat(s). This in order to don't stress Your or any other cats.
On sun- or holydays your pet can only be picked up at 9 o'clock at the evening.
Not neutered male cats, older than 6 months are not allowed in the boarding house.
The cats must be inoculated against cat- and sneeze disease and leukaemia.
Your cat has to be treated against parasites as fleas and worms.
When we notice fleas, the cat can be treated by us and an additional amount of € 3.72,- will be added.
The cat must always be accompanied with it's vaccination papers.
If the owners cannot be reached during his vacation, a contact person responsible for the cat's health and treatment must be presented.
All cats have to be vaccinated before they come to the boarding house.
If Your cat is already aged, it is better to think before You go on vacation, what has to be done if it will die. You have to understand that we cannot keep its remains until You come home. (Bury it in Your garden/cremation/an urn/strew it in Your garden or strew field or the crematorium...)
Annulations have to be done at least one week (in high season two weeks) before the reserved period. If the annulation arrives after this date, the client has to pay 50% of the total amount. If there was no annulation, the client has to pay the whole amount plus 15% extra.
If there is a written annulation it's best to add Your phone number so we can confirm your annulation.