We have 14 large, individual cages, including one spacious family cage and 4 cages with personal external rooms. All our cages have cat furniture and toys. With background music and a lot off daylight we try to accomplish a nice atmosphere.

Our cages are 2m high, 1m wide and 2m deep, what makes them much bigger then ones with standard norms (1m² on 1.85m height) so Your cat's favourite toy and/or basket is more than welcome.

For people with more than one cat there is the family cage with extra big furniture. Other cages can also be interconnected by two.

The external cages are only opened in summer if the weather is nice and sunny, so there is no danger of the cats getting a cold. Our internal cages are heated or ventilated depending on the weather so we keep the inside temperature close to the optimal.

The cats are fed two times a day but we can of course adapt to personal preferences. We provide Your cat with the same food Your pet gets at home. All commercial product are available, but extra's have to brought with You or an agreement has to be reached with us.

The cages are daily cleaned and we have an air controlling system for keeping the air fresh. After a check-out, the cage gets purified and decontaminated.

Of course we also have our daily hug and play moments, and a daily visit by the vet.

All this gives each individual cat the ultimate care and attention.