Our first meeting with "the Kerry" was in 1991, for my endwork for my school as dog-trimmer.
I never heard about this breed and I really wanted to know more about it.
I must say that for me and my husband Kris it was love at first sight.
Ever since that moment we kept an eye on it every Kerry's dog show: Qua behaviour, expression and appearance.
Unexpected, we had the chance to adopt a crosbreed hunting dog, our "Dundee". This was also the reason why we had to look for a house with a big garden.
When we moved to the house we're living now, we decided to buy a puppy, a little female, our "Willow" or the official name: Whirlwind Willow van Daelenbroek and she joined us in 1995.
My father also fell in love with this breed and we bought him Aengus, with the official name: Whatan Appearance van Daelenbroek. The male was also born in 1995.
By chance, it happened that he had to moved to our place and the whole family accepted him without problems.
In 1999 we breaded a litter with Willow and Heroic Handyman van Daelenbroek, a very beautiful male from the same breeder as our two Kerry's. We got 5 very nice pups; Rosedalians Ike so dandy (Yke),Rosedalians Yimmy Jazz (Yimmy), Rosedalians Yellomello (Duby), Rosedalians Yeralin Fox (Yara), Rosedalians Yarabreeze (Inish).
Inish we kept and our other 4 puppy's found very nice owners.
Yke, Duby and Yara live in the Netherlands, Yimmy found a home in Duffel, a village close to ours.
Our passion is still getting bigger, so... to be continued!

...Our dog Inish (Yarabreeze) got, at the age of four, a beautiful nest of five pups: 2 bitches and 3 dogs (09/07/2002). The father is Connor (Clancarrai Goldenwind).
The ladies are:
Rosedalians BusyBee(Britt)and Rosedalians BerghinBrid(Brid),
Our gentlemen:
Rosedalians BegleyBono(Bono), Rosedalians BegleyBran (Begley) and Rosedalians BradiganBo (Bo).
In our search for good parents for our children we achieved the following:
Britt, Brid, Begley and Bo settled down with some very nice people in the Netherlands, and Bono is living princely in ’s Gravenwezel, that’s in Belgium.


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